Monday, November 15, 2004

Trial and Error

I have just set up a google group to send out to all of our subscribers (that would be Darlene right now) & hopefully it is going to work. I am not so techno-savvy but hopefully with blogger & google's help, this post will go winging off to her email address. Hopefully.

Anyway, thought I would share with you a story I was told last week. It filled me with joy. Seriously. I couldn't stop laughing for about five minutes and asked if I could steal the story for the site, announcing in front of two (2) managers that I have a website with stupid customer stories.

Hmm. Hey, Dana, why don't you just walk up to one of your managers and say "Hey, want to fire me? I make fun of customers for a living." Well, actually, no, I don't make a living from this but it is just gosh-darn fun. And let's face it, if I didn't vant, there would be a lot more ticked off customers in this world. Because I would shoot them all in the foot. No, no, that would be wrong. Yes, just in case my manager does find his way to our site, I've just told him I'm psychotic. Wonderful.

Maybe I'll just go to the story.

The woman who sits across the aisle from me, A., told me this story & it amused me. When she told it to me, she did not elaborate it like I did. But this is what I do. I take stuff and I like to add that special little twist to it that just gives it a little extra. I call that special ingredient bitterness...I mean love. Love.

Unfortunately, I do not know the name of the representative that took this call. They are no longer with NABABNA. However, I am going to make up a name & give you what I think this conversation was like. Then, afterwards, I'll tell you what A. actually told me. Let me know what you like better. I only slave away at these stories for you, my adoring public.

Hayley (stole name from character in Blue Dahlia by Nora Roberts): Thank you for calling Stock Transfer Relations. This is Hayley. How can I help you?
Technological Fool (TF): There's no option to disconnect.
H: Excuse me?
TF: I want to disconnect but your stupid computer voice doesn't tell me how to disconnect. Do I press the star key?
H: No. You hang up the phone.
TF: I know! That's what I want to do! How do I do it? I tried entering a lot of numbers in but it just brought me to a representative. Tell me how to disconnect the phone!
H: Hang it up.
TF: You're not helping me!
H: Okay. Do you have a cordless phone?
TF: Yes.
H: Is there an end button?
TF: Yes.
H: Press that. That will disconnect the call.
TF: Don't get smart with me! I know I have to press a button! Which one is it?
H: The end button.
TF: I want to speak to your supervisor (The call escalates and I am sure that Hayley spent a good twenty minutes laughing hysterically)!

Seriously. This happened. Well, not exactly like the above scenario but still, it happened.

This is what A. told me.

A: There was this girl who worked here and she had a call escalate because the guy couldn't figure out what button to push to disconnect the phone.
DM (that would be me): Um, did she tell him to hang up?
A: Yeah. He just got ticked off because he knew there had to be a button. So he demanded to talk to her supervisor.
DM: Oh, that is great. I am so going to steal that.

Okay. Which one did you like better? I am going to be quite honest with you when I say that if you like the 2nd one better, I will probably run off and cry piteous tears. You don't want that, do you?


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