Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Blinded By the Light

For having three contributors to this site, we've been slacking, haven't we? Sorry about that.

Here is an actual complaint we received at our call center.

Asha, a banker I've previously mentioned, received a call from a non-customer of NABABNA. Let's call him, Mr. Problem-Junkie. I know, the name is lame.

A: Thanks for calling NABABNA, this is Asha, how can I help you? (You can just hear the sugar in her voice.)
PJ: I want to talk to the head of your department!
A: I would be happy to help you sir. What is it that you're calling about?
PJ: The manager at this branch just doesn't like me and doesn't get it! I want this fixed now!
A: What is the problem?
PJ: YOUR sign is too bright! I can't sleep at night and the light from your sign is just too much!
A: I'm sorry?
PJ: The sign that says, "NABABNA." It's too bright! I want it taken down.
A: And you've talked to the manager of the branch?
PJ: Yes! He doesn't like me. Get me your manager now!
A: Would you be willing to hold?
PJ: Yes.

Asha ends up escalating the call to a supervisor who then takes the complaint. I didn't actually get to hear the end of the conversation, but the look on the supervisor's face was priceless when Asha answered the question she posed. The question was, "What is the call about?" Asha replied, "This man is blinded by the light." I had the song stuck in my head for three hours afterwards.


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